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Global Social Sustainable Enterprise MBA

This unique MBA program seeks to provide sustainable and social enterprise solutions to some of the most stubborn issues of our time including poverty, disease, malnutrition, and environmental degradation. Graduates go on to create and operate for-profit and nonprofit startups, non-governmental organizations, and to work in multinational companies.

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Global Environmental Sustainability Minor

During the 2017-2018 academic year, the GES minor had just over 300 students enrolled. Offered through the School of Global Environmental Sustainability and open to all undergraduate students at CSU, the minor requires students to take a range of interdisciplinary courses focused on environmental, economic, and social perspectives of sustainability.

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MS in Conservation Leadership

This 17-month Conservation Leadership Specialization within the Human Dimensions of Natural Resources Department addresses some of the greatest challenges in our society, from climate change to biodiversity loss to energy security and beyond. The program aims to produce leaders who think differently, embrace complexity, and see the human and environmental condition as one intricate system.

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MS/PhD in Ecology, specialization in Human-Environment Interactions

Increasing rates of poverty, landlessness, and declining health are co-occurring with rapid shifts in land use, land cover, loss of biodiversity, and global warming. These interconnected human/environmental changes represent a clear risk to the well-being of individuals, communities, and societies now and in the future. Students in this program learn about the human aspects of environmental issues and how to address them on both an individual and systems level.

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Sustainable Peace and Reconciliation Studies

By working through the Fulbright Programs and Rotary International, CSU is able to infuse Sustainable Peace and Reconciliation Studies at the university level in Burundi, East Africa where CSU has an IMOU with the University of Ngozi.

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Introduction to Sustainable Design and Construction Course

This 10-day course in Costa Rica offered by the Institute for the Built Environment, focuses on energy, healthy buildings, water efficiency, sustainable materials, solar design, and environmental topics pertinent to the sustainable practices affecting the built environment. Program participants gain knowledge about best practices through experiential learning, field trips, and co-learning among diverse disciplines at an acclaimed eco-tourism demonstration site.