Earth Day Festival 2020

Welcome to the Virtual Interactive Earth Day Festival!

This festival is a celebration of all sustainability initiatives, groups, organizations, departments, colleges and more at Colorado State University and the Fort Collins community. It is a chance to not only highlight the amazing things they do but also to share messaging, accomplishments, and opportunities to participate and be engaged! Take your time, sit back, relax and browse around and read an article, play a game, participate in a challenge and more! Thank you for your ongoing support in sustainability!

The boxes below highlight student groups, departments, organizations at Colorado State University and the Fort Collins community. Explore their websites and social media to learn about their sustainability programming, initiatives, accomplishments. Also, check out the opportunities to watch a video, listen to a podcast, play a game, participate in a sustainability challenge, volunteer and more!

The Great Salmon Famine

Want to listen to the band who was going to perform for our Earth Day Festival (and have performed at the last two Earth Day Festivals in the past)? Visit their sites and give them a shout-out!

Farms for Orphans

Farms for Orphans NGO

The mission of FFO is to provide training, tools and ongoing mentorship in climate-smart agricultural practices to vulnerable youth in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) so they may grow their own healthy food and achieve economic autonomy through the sale of their farmed goods.

Vindeket Foods

Vindeket Foods

Vindeket Foods’ mission is to empower each of us to take ownership in the food cycle to restore our earth, our communities, and ourselves. They believe that nothing created should be wasted, food waste is a collective problem, food waste impacts civilization negatively on every level, healthy, organic and local foods should belong to everyone, and the action of contributing time or money for something proves its worth.

Sign up here to volunteer!

Fort Collins Food Co-Op

Fort Collins Food Co-Op

The Food Co-op is not your typical grocery store. The Co-op is not-for-profit, community based and open to all, dedicated to responsible recycling, composting and food donation, often offers the first marketing opportunity to new, local, vendors, strongly believes in the power of recirculating dollars in the local economy, values farmland over building sprawl, aims to educate consumers about their food, researches each product that hits their shelves for product purity and production integrity, and chooses local and organic every day.


Colorado Water Center

The Colorado Water Center leads interdisciplinary research, education, and outreach to address complex and evolving water-related challenges in Colorado and beyond. We do so by fostering collaboration between higher education and water stakeholders, synthesizing objective water knowledge to inform decision-making, and inspiring the next generation of water leaders.


Shift FoCo

What is is a free online platform where you can choose between 73 different actions you want to take to save yourself time, energy, and money. Participate in the Earth Day Challenge! The Earth Day Challenge is a fun way for you to make more sustainable choices while saving time, energy and money. Shift and the Sustainable Living Association are challenging our community to lose 5,000 pounds of CO2e, greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change, per household by April 19th.

Transfort – City of Fort Collins

Want to start utilizing some alternative transportation around Fort Collins and Colorado? Visit Transfort to learn about the bus route and start planning your trips today.


CSU Parking and Transportation Services

Are you a student interested in learning how you can be more sustainable and safe on your commute? Enroll in CSU Moves to learn key strategies to navigate campus safely and sustainability while enjoying this nature documentary themed training.

Are you an employee looking to reduce your commuting emissions? Reach out to Parking and Transportation Services to learn the latest in saving time, money, and the environment with your commute.

Student Sustainability Center Logo

Student Sustainability Center

The Student Sustainability Center is a University-wide, student-run organization that engages students from across campus in topics of sustainability through guest speaker events, club meetings, local sustainability tours, and a weekly Green Bulletin newsletter. Housed under the School of Global Environmental Sustainability, the SSC is committed to improving sustainability at CSU and building the skill sets of students across campus, by empowering students to address the intersectionality of social, economic, and environmental sustainability challenges.

Rams Without Borders

Rams Without Borders

RWB-CSU is an organization that works with communities in developing countries to improve quality of life through sustainable engineering & community development projects.

President’s Sustainability Commission

President’s Sustainability Commission at CSU

The President’s Sustainability Commission (PSC) has the important role of providing the President and Cabinet a variety of perspectives on sustainability from an environmental, economic, and social justice lens. The mission of the PSC is to promote and facilitate the effective integration of sustainability across all aspects of the University.

Live Green Team

The Live Green Team

The Live Green Team, sponsored by Housing & Dining Services, consists of student and staff volunteers who aim to make a positive impact on the global environment by taking collective action on campus.


CSU Zero Waste Team

The Zero Waste Team are a student-led group enthusiastic about reducing waste on campus and in their personal lives, through outreach and education. As a team, they participate in events across campus including athletic events, Ram Welcome, Ag Week, and they host a mending club. Normalizing waste diversion and zero waste culture across our campus is something they strive for everyday! They have partnered with the Post Landfill Action Network. More information on P.L.A.N. at


Graduate Student Council

The Graduate Student Council represents and advocates for Colorado State University (CSU) graduate and professional students within the university and beyond. Their goal is to improve the experience of graduate education.

To celebrate Earth Day, the Council is highlighting the power of nature to turn trash into gold. With backyard composting, you can turn your smelly food scraps into beautiful compost. Reduce your food waste and help your garden at the same time!



The Consortium for Advanced Bioeconomy Leadership Education (CABLE) is a nationwide organization of 20 colleges and universities led by The Ohio State University and supported by the United States Department of Agriculture, National Institute of Food and Agriculture (USDA NIFA). Multiple departments at member universities make up the individual strands of a cable, but when woven together with other universities their strength is multiplied to form CABLE. This creates a new mechanism that leverages public and private relationships and resources to enhance the advanced bioeconomy workforce development efforts of universities across the country.

Eco Leaders

Eco Leaders

Eco Leaders are peer educators in the residence halls and Aggie Village apartments who help raise awareness about environmental, social and economic sustainability issues and encourage environmentally-responsible behaviors throughout the academic year. There is one Eco Leader per residence hall and four at Aggie Village Apartments who engages campus residents in sustainability areas such as waste reduction, energy conservation, social responsibility, sustainable transportation, recycling and composting.

College of Liberal Arts


Liberal arts disciplines bring a unique and human perspective to issues of the environment, with research and creative artistry that explores difficult issues, enables understanding, and promotes engaged dialogue. In video presentations recorded remotely, Director of International Studies Dr. Andrea Duffy shares what history can tell us about the future of climate change and English professor and Guggenheim fellow Camille Dungy shares three impactful environmental poems.

The Spoke

The Spoke

The Spoke, a living lab, is Colorado State University’s on-campus bicycling maintenance and educational training center servicing our University students, faculty, and staff. The University’s living lab is operated by students, where it is their goal to work with each of our customers, sharing knowledge, techniques and best practices on bicycle maintenance, safety, and repairs. The Spoke carries many of your day to day bicycle and board maintenance and safety supplies. They can also register your bike too. Stop by and check them out!

Featured Sustainability Source Stories

Organic Coffee Becomes Mainstream on Campus


The most commonly consumed beverage in the U.S. is about to get a boost on Colorado State University’s campus.

Through a new partnership with Dazbog Coffee, CSU Housing & Dining Services is now offering organic coffee in the residential dining centers on campus. Students, faculty, staff and visitors are now treated to organic Dazbog Sumatra coffee as the standard offering.

CSU earns STARS Platinum Rating for record 3rd Time

CSU Sustainability

Colorado State University is building upon its global reputation as an innovative leader in sustainability by becoming the only institution in the world to earn three Platinum ratings from the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education.

AASHE recently awarded CSU a Platinum rating for a record third time under its Sustainability…

New Recycling Guidelines Roll Out on Campus

Student recycling

Just when you think you understand how to sort your trash to help the earth – the rules change. To help mitigate confusion, Colorado State University has created new bin decals to help the campus community.

Recycling guidelines are continually updated, depending on domestic and overseas market demand. Markets have disappeared for some types of plastics, which means we now must throw low-grade plastics in the trash…

Campus grown food partnership brings fresh greens to CSU dining halls

Food grown on campus

Students who eat in the dining centers on the Colorado State University campus may have experienced a shift in their salads without even knowing it.

In 2016, the CSU Horticulture Center struck a partnership with Housing & Dining Services to provide hydroponically grown lettuce to the dining centers. The lettuce-growing operation in the Horticulture…

Beyond the garnish: Will a new type of produce get the microgreen light?

Alt Text

Microgreens. They’re leafy green vegetables that are relatively new to the dining room, but a study by a Colorado State University team indicates that they will be welcome company at the table.

“You’ve probably heard of sprouts and baby greens,” said lead researcher and registered dietitian nutritionist Sarah Ardanuy Johnson, an assistant professor and director of the Functional Foods & Human Health…

Additional Resources

Looking for more? Explore the buttons below, compete in a sustainability challenge, watch an interesting documentary from our list of recommendations, testing your waste sorting skills or take a history tour to learn about sustainability at CSU.