2020 Earth Week

Earth Week

From April 20th through 24th, CSU will virtually celebrate Earth Week, including the 50th anniversary of Earth Day on Wednesday, April 22nd . Throughout the week, we encourage the community to learn about and engage in sustainability activities to celebrate Earth Day. Participate in a challenge at the Earth Day Festival, watch a tour the university’s sustainable operations and facilities, read about how our current behaviors impact the environment, or show what you’re doing to be sustainable by using social media and more! Please use #CSUEarthDayEverywhere.

Check back often as we continue to add more events and activities! Enjoy!

Virtual Tours

Happy Earth Day, coloradostateuniversity! We celebrate this 50th Earth Day in CSU's 150th year. Generations of Rams have shared a deep commitment to sustainability and we are so proud to carry on this legacy. #CSUEarthdayEverywhere 🌎 ...

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Today we’re celebrating 50 years of #EarthDay 🌎
While we can’t all gather in person to celebrate, we encourage our Ag family to learn about and engage in sustainable activities to celebrate Earth Day at the link in our bio!

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Happy Earth Day 🌳

Our Facilities Management team is planting 150 trees across campus – including this Choice City elm tree in honor of Dr. Tony Frank, President of #ColoradoState from 2008-2019 – to celebrate #CSU150 and the 50th Anniversary of #EarthDay 🌲

Join us for a virtual and interactive Earth Day Festival at earth day.colostate.edu


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Happy Earth Day! 🌍
#ColoradoStateUniversity #ColoradoState #CSUEarthDayEverywhere #InternationalRams #RamsAbroad

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Happy 50th Anniversary of #earthday 🌎 Since we’re all home during this time and most local Earth Day festivities are canceled, check out CSU’s virtual Earth Day Festival (https://green.colostate.edu/earth-week/) to learn about the history of Earth Day, ways to celebrate the earth at home, things you can do to minimize your impact on our planet and much more! #csuearthdayeverywhere ...

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Hello, Rams! 🐏 Today we’re celebrating the 50th anniversary of Earth Day! Here are some sustainable things that you can do on #earthday while practicing social distancing: ➡️Turn lights off when you leave a room. ➡️Clean out the lint filter in your dryer after every load of laundry. ➡️Turn your fridge to the minimum recommended power level, as per the owner's manual.
What can you do today? 🌍✨🌻
#csuengineering #csuearthdayeverywhere #csuearthweek #csurams #colostatebound #earthday

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Happy Earth Day!! 🌍🧡 Can you believe this spring snow was just 5 days ago?? Be sure to check out CSU’s virtual celebration of Earth Week!! 🐑💚 📷: CSU Flickr #CSUEarthDayEverywhere ...

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