Green Dining and Composting

Organic or locally grown: Dining Services is continually working to increase local and organic food in the dining centers. In 2016, the organic hand held fruit program and new partnership with the horticultural center to grow greens on campus were launched to aid in this effort. Over 100 pounds of on campus grown greens are distributed to the dining centers weekly.

Trayless dining: Trayless dining at Colorado State reduces plate waste at the dining centers by 40 percent.

Compostable to-go containers: These containers eliminate more than 350,000 Styrofoam containers from the landfill each year.

Food donations: Leftover, unserved food from the dining centers is donated to the local Larimer County Food Bank. In 2016, more than 116,308 pounds of food was donated by the dining centers and Mountain Campus.

Pulpers: Pulpers at three of the dining centers collect food and paper waste that is later composted.

Composting: Our Earth Bin composter — an in-vessel system — receives 2,000 pounds of food waste and bulking material each day from the dining centers.

  • The National Association of College & University Food Services (NACUFS) awarded CSU a silver sustainability medal for waste management.
  • The CSU Dining Centers have a 93% food diversion rate of both pre and post-consumer food waste.

Recycled cooking oil: Used cooking oil from all of the dining centers is collected and recycled to make biodiesel. Dining Services partners with a local company that collects approximately 27,000 pounds of cooking oil each year for recycling.

More green dining initiatives from Colorado State’s Housing and Dining Services.