Animal Populations and the Environment

Animal Population Health Institute

The Animal Population Health Institute (APHI), led by Dr. Paul Morley, is primarily concerned with animal populations and their interface with the environment. This institute focuses on antimicrobial use in animals and the effects on antimicrobial resistance in the environment; the interface of domestic and wildlife diseases; and improved livestock management systems. APHI has strong collaborative programs with the USDA Centers for Epidemiology and Animal Health.


Environmental Factors in Reproduction

Faculty with the Animal Reproduction and Biotechnology Lab (ARBL) are involved in research looking at the environmental factors affecting reproduction. This includes Dr. Terry Nett’s research on contraceptives for wildlife; Dr. Rau Vermachini’s research on environmental toxicant effects on male reproduction; and Dr. Jerry Bouman’s research on toxin effects on genetics and developmental biology.


Prion/Environment/Animal Interface

The Prion Biology Group, headed by Dr. Ed Hoover, within the Infectious Disease Supercluster, is involved with the prion/enviornment/animal interface.