Toxicology and Environmental and Occupational Health

Center for Environmental Medicine

Faculty in the Center for Environment Medicine conduct research and teach across diverse disciplines to increase understanding and to gain a deeper knowledge of how environmental factors influence human disease. Faculty research covers a diverse range of disciplines and topics including toxicology and environmental health; infectious disease; reproductive biology and neuroscience; cardiovascular physiology, nutrition and aging; cancer biology and radiation therapy; and environmental chemistry.

The Center addresses significant challenges in environmental toxicology that may affect human health by bringing together global partners and research partners from fields as diverse as environmental sciences, biological sciences, and chemistry.


Environmental Toxins

CSU faculty are conducting research funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to examine pesticide use in developing countries and workplace health and safety issues, including practices that reduce exposure to harmful elements in the environment.


The Center for Worker Health and Environment (CWHE)

The The Center for Worker Health and Environment (CWHE) is an interdisciplinary, cross-campus, cross-institutional, cross-departmental academic home for supporting activities that people in the region want to do to improve workplace and environmental health.