Sustainable Enterprise


Tom Dean, U.S. Bank Faculty Fellow and Professor of Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Enterprise, is a leading scholar in the area of sustainable entrepreneurship and has published articles examining the role of entrepreneurship in reducing environmental degradation. He has also developed a business plan competition that focuses on sustainable enterprises.


Fair and Alternative Trade

CSU’s Center for Fair and Alternative Trade or CFAT is a multidisciplinary research center that provides objective and in-depth analysis of market-based social change that supports the growth of the conscious consumer economy in the 21st century.

Rather than engaging in advocacy, it seeks to advance the quest for social justice and sustainability by providing critical and scholarly studies of fair and alternative trade, product certification, worker rights, and other promising initiatives.


Green Building Investment

Steve Laposa, is the Loveland Commercial LLC Endowed Chair of Real Estate and the Director of the Everitt Real Estate Center in the College of Business. He researches the returns on investment associated with green building investment funds; he is also collaborating with the Department of Atmospheric Science to conduct studies on global cities and global climate.



Management faculty Lisa Ellram and Ken Petersen research environmentally conscious manufacturing and supply chain management.


Valuation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Derek Johnston, Associate Professor of Accounting, is actively engaged in research programs investigating the valuation of greenhouse gas emissions and the association between R&D expenditures and environmental compliance costs.