Sustainability Research

Nearly 1,000 sustainability research projects are listed in the university-wide research database managed by the Vice President for Research office. Half of all faculty conducting research at CSU (374 out of 755) have at least one research project related to sustainability in the database. More than 50 departments at the university (representing 75% of all departments) are engaged in sustainability research.

Sample list of faculty conducting sustainability research:

Amy Prieto, Chemistry (energy storage and conversion)
Jordan Suter, Agricultural Resource Economics (behavioral economics of water use)
Kevin Crooks, Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology (ecological assessment and anthropogenic effects)
William Clements, Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology (selenium bioaccumulation and food chain transfer)
Diana Wall, Biology (integrating science for sustainability)
Marisa Bunning, Food Science and Human Nutrition (food chain safety)
Scott Haley, Soil and Crop Sciences (wheat breeding for improved yield, quality, and disease resistance)
Steven Strauss, Chemistry (organic photovoltaic materials)
Richard Bowen, Biomedical Sciences (feral swine pathogen surveillance)
Lise Aubry, Horticulture and Landscape Architecture (integrated conservation approaches)
Walajabad Sampath, Mechanical Engineering (improved photovoltaic efficiency)
Emily Fischer, Atmospheric Science (impact of fires on air quality and the nitrogen cycle)
Paul Morley, Public Health (antimicrobial resistance ecology)
David Dandy, Chemical and Biological Engineering (cyanobaterial biorefineries)
Stephanie Kampf, Natural Resource Ecology (pathways to environmental science and sustainability)

2019 Inventory of Sustainability Research Projects at CSU