Smart Cars

Colorado State University is internationally known for its green initiatives and clean-energy research including alternative fuels, clean engines, photovoltaics, "smart grid" technology, water resources, and satellite-based atmospheric monitoring and tracking systems. It's also well known for its sustainability efforts on campus and abroad.

Events on campus

Center for Collaborative Conservation announces 2014-2015 Fellowship Cohort

The Center for Collaborative Conservation (CCC) has awarded its 2014-2015 Fellowships to a diverse cohort of 12 students, faculty, researchers and conservation practitioners representing four departments across four colleges at CSU and four non-governmental organizations.

Colorado State takes natural resource management legacy online

CSU has launched an online option of its Master of Natural Resource Stewardship (M.N.R.S.), designed for mid-level natural resource professionals who are looking to obtain the skills and knowledge necessary for advancement opportunities.

Researcher uses sound to make wildlife discoveries

New research has found that elephants are able to identify humans that pose a threat to them by distinguishing ethnicity, gender, and age from acoustic cues in human voices.

CSU and the National Climate Assessment

CSU faculty not only authored several regional chapters of the third NCA, but also provided technical input and expertise throughout the process.

Colorado State launches sustainability certificate program

The Institute for the Built Environment will help working professionals learn how to align sectors within an organization — people, resources, facilities and organization — with a new Integrated Sustainability Management Badge and Certificate program starting this summer.

CSU earns the top STARS score

Colorado State University recently achieved the highest score ever reported to Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Reporting System — or STARS — a national survey that measures sustainability efforts at universities and colleges across the country.